As a PCC student, you can visit our comprehensive health center and receive no- and low-cost medical services. From treatment to short-term illnesses to preventative health care services, we are dedicated to making sure you stay healthy.

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Take advantage of our affordable dental care services! Visit the PCC Dental Hygiene Clinic, an educational clinic that provides teeth cleanings, radiographs, and other dental treatments at an affordable price.

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The PCC's Police and Safety Services is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable campus atmosphere. Our immediate response to any situation on campus along with our crime prevention and emergency resources can give you the peace of mind of knowing you are safe while on campus.

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College life can bring on a variety of new emotions and stresses. Psychological Services provide individual and group counseling and a variety of support resources to help you cope with the transition to adulthood and successfully meet the challenges of college.

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